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    How to train your dog to undergo grooming sessions?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 22 July 2011

    Although grooming is for your dog’s benefit, you should not expect your pooch to understand it. You cannot just explain all the advantages of grooming to your puppy but yes, you can make your dog feel comfortable with all the tools and steps of grooming by giving it rewards and praises for good behaviour. If you have decided to groom your dog on your own but you do not know from where to start you should also read this article and learn how to train your dog and get it used to grooming sessions. Remember that security and safety of your dog should be a priority!

    The first thing you should do is choose a proper moment for grooming. Try to choose a time when your dog is a little bit tired (but not as it is falling asleep) and a little hungry (so it accepts food from you when you want to start grooming!). Choose a proper place for grooming where neither you nor your dog get distracted. You should observe your dog’s reactions carefully as you touch its legs, the sides of his body, his face, his tail, and his rear end. If you notice your dog feels uncomfortable you can try to give your puppy some small treats to provide a distraction. When you already get your pet used to grooming procedure you should not forget to make your puppy feel comfortable with grooming objects. You can run a brush or comb through his fur and against his skin etc.

    Remember, whatever you do, never push the sessions any longer than your dog can stand.

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