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    How to travel by car with your dog?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 21 July 2011

    Most dogs love to ride in cars and it's usually a lot of fun to take them along in the car on holidays. However, you should always remember to follow some safety tips and think abuot few things to make the travel with your dog safe. Remember that especially during the summer, many dogs suffer from the heatstroke in cars or are stolen from vehicles. 

    Before going on a longer trip you should let your puppy become accustomed to riding in a car. Try to start with shorts travels to the park or to the supermarket. It is important not to feed your dog before the trip. Remember to give it the last meal at least a few hours before the travel. If your journey is more than a few hours, (about four hours is your average dogs absolute limit for driving without a longer break then what is described above), Make sure you stop somewhere grassy and relatively quiet (not right by the road), lock your car, feed your dog some food and water, and take him for a walk so he can let off

    If your car do not have a large window boot, your dog will have to travel on a seat. Very often, small dogs and puppies have to travel on a seat. You can purchase a dog safety seat and it will be safer and more comfortable for your dog if your turn or stop the car suddenly. Just as it is for little children. Remember to have some space for your dog to have a nap while travelling. Most dogs find sleeping an easy way to cope with motion sickness.

    It’s always good to have few of your dog’s favourite chew toys in the back with your dog to keep your dog occupied and not wander around the vehicle. If your dog gets nervous during the journey you should think about buying a safety belt.

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