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    How to travel with your dog during the summer?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 23 June 2011

    Summer is here and if you haven’t thought about your holidays it’s high time to do it! And how about taking your dog with you? There are many hotels that are accommodated to your dog’s need however, how to plan a travel with your dog?

    We recommend that you make all the necessary arrangements as poor planning might ruin your vacation. If you have already decided to take your pooch with you, start by microchipping your pet (if you still hasn’t done it!) and place a collar with current identification on your dog at all times.

    The transportation should be planned carefully. Travelling by plane might not be a good idea as generally, the airlines consider our canines as a cargo and the cargo hold does not make a pleasant travel experience and might be very stressful for your pet. This rule does not always apply to the small dog owners as some airlines allow bringing your dog in a carrier if it fits under the seat in front of you. Travelling by your own car seems to be the best way for your dog. Although some dogs seem to have anxiety over travelling by car, remember that you might get your dog used to your car, make your puppy experience positive things during the rides. You can also ask your vet to have special anti-anxiety medications to make your trip easier. Remember to bring for the car ride the list of stops and veterinary hospitals, leash, dogo seat belt, enough water and a bowl, toys, blanket and necessary documentation.

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