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    How to travel with your dog on a plane?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 22 July 2011

    During the summer is normal that you decide to go on holidays and if there is a possibility to take your dog with you, there should not be any obstacles for it. Although all you have to do to fly is buy a ticket, pass through security, and get on the plane, things get a lot more complicated when a dog flies with you. However, many times it happens that although a hotel/apartment or other accommodation is animal friendly, you decide to leave your dog in a boarding centre or at home with your friends afraid of a travel. Yes, the travel with your pooch if bad organized might result a nightmare, but we provide you with some tips to enjoy your holidays from the beginning!

    First of all, you should understand the airlines’ requirements. You cannot expect to show up at the airline counter with your pooch and expect to enter the plane right away. There are certain conditions and requirements to fulfill so you should think about it in advance. Search for the airlines that are pet friendly and ask what are the transport conditions for your pooch. It’s likely that your dog needs a separate reservation to travel on the plane and the airline charges might be asked extra depending whether your dog travel in the passenger area or in the cargo section. The fees might differ depending on the airline company.

    Usually, the small ‘toy’ dogs are allowed to travel with you in the passenger are if they can fit in a soft carrier and placed beneath the seat in front of you during the take off and landing. A bigger dog would probably have to travel in the cargo section beneath the plane in the pet carrier. Remember that it must be properly labelled with your identification and final destination information. It must be tall enough for your dog to stand up and wide enough for her to easily turn around in. Do not forget about the food: there have to be two plastic dishes attached to the inside of the carrier door — one for food and one for water.

    When checking the travelling conditions you should also bare in mind that the health certificate might be needed. Remember to prepare all the necessary documentation in advance.You might also speak with your vet about the medications that can get your dog more comfortable during the flight in case it gets frightened by all the sounds and smells your puppy finds when getting on the plane and at the airport.

    Important – it’s always crucial to check the weather conditions as the airline policy on the weather restriction tends to change frequently. Due to the fact that the plane might wait some time on the airport before taking off and the temperature inside the cargo is not controlled, the airlines might not take your dog if they decide it's too hot or too cold where you're landing/taking off. Remember to take this into consideration when you schedule your flight.


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