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    Labrador Dogs: Top 5 Facts

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 19 February 2014

    Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world for a number of reasons, firstly they are extremely friendly with all people and animals and they also are highly intelligent and eager to learn.

    They are amongst the most playful and fun loving dog breeds in the world.

    This article gives facts about Labradors; some you may already know, some you may not.

    Labrador Fact One

    Labradors are the most popular breed of dog in the world by registration. These dogs are consistently at the top of lists for the UK kennel club, the American kennel club, the Australian Kennel club and countless others. They are also a favourite for police and other authorities.

    Labrador Fact Two

    Labradors originate from the island of Newfoundland in Canada and were bred from the now extinct St. John’s Water Dog. The first true Labrador was born in 1899 although Labradors are referenced as early as 1814. The UK Kennel Club recognised the Labrador as a breed in 1903.

    Labrador Fact Three

    Labradors can come in three different colours: yellow, chocolate and black. Their coat colour is not necessarily related to the colour of the parents and all three colours can occur in the same litter.

    Male Labrador puppies will usually grow to be larger than females.

    Labrador Fact Four

    Labradors were bred to retrieve fish and other game and excel at swimming. These dogs will have an innate love of water for their entire lives. The coat of a full grown Labrador is water resistant which means it will not get cold even if in water in the winter months.

    Labrador Fact Five

    These dogs have a truly insatiable appetite and will do all of their lives. Labradors love to chew everything and they will often try and eat everything as well, regardless of whether it is actually edible. Because of this, this breed is prone to obesity.


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