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    Labrador Puppies For Sale: Why Are Labradors So Popular?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Labradors are officially the most popular breeds of dogs in the world in most countries. The UK, US, Canadian and Australian kennel clubs all report that Labrador puppies are the most common to be registered. Labrador puppies for sale are popular for a number of reasons but probably the biggest is that they make absolutely fantastic family pets. To find out more about Labrador puppies, read on.

    Labrador Puppies For Sale 

    • The main reason why Labrador puppies are so popular is because of their temperament. Labradors are amongst the friendliest dogs in the world and they become devoted to their families. Labrador puppies bond very well with people of all ages and absolutely adore human contact all through their lives. 
    • Labradors take a long time to mentally mature and although Labrador puppies will calm down over time, they always have a puppyish enthusiasm and a sheer love of playing which is why they fit in so well with a family. Labradors tend to get on well with other dogs and animals as well and are famed for their love of children. 
    • Labradors are very active and fit in very well with families that spend lots of time outdoors. Labradors have almost endless energy and will often run themselves to exhaustion. Labrador puppies also have a famous love of water and enjoy swimming. 
    • Labrador puppies have a very high intelligence level and they respond extremely well to training, especially training that is fun and rewarding. Labrador puppies can be trained for a number of job roles and with proper training you will end up with a friendly, well behaved and lovable family dog. 
    • Labradors are generally quite healthy dogs and as long as they are well cared for they should live for roughly 10 years. Obesity is a common problem in Labradors and you should ensure that you check the parents of any Labrador puppies for sale to ensure they have no inherited hip or eye problems. 
    • If you feel that Labradors are perfect pets for your family then you can search for Labrador puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, if you have Labrador puppies for sale you can place a free advert here on Dogs and Puppies.
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