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    Labrador Puppies Health Concerns

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Labradors are the most popular registered dog breed in a lot of countries around the world and the sheer numbers of them have meant that they have been studied in great depth. Sadly, over the years people have bred labrador puppies purely for profit rather than the advancement of the breed and this has meant that some hereditary health problems have been bred into labradors. Responsible dog breeders work to eradicate these but for more information about potential labrador health problems, read this guide.


    Hip Dysplasia & Arthritis

    This is one of the most common problems associated with Labradors and in many cases it is genetic. Because Labrador puppies grow so fast, they can end up with arthritis late in life. Responsible dog breeders only breed labradors with good hip scores to minimise this but it is always important when buying Labrador puppies for sale to check the parents’ hip scores. Feeding high quality puppy food for two years instead of one is recommended by some vets.


    The labrador breed is quite prone to allergies and skin conditions so you need to be careful with cleaning products, medication and anything else that labrador puppies may come into contact with. If dry skin is the issue with labrador puppies, you use a conditioning shampoo.

    Ear & Eye Infections

    Ear infections can be common with labradors because they have floppy ears and enjoy swimming. Properly drying out the ears of a labrador after they have been in the water will eradicate this. Eye problems can also be found in Labradors and some of these may be genetic so it is vital to check the parents when buying labrador puppies for sale. Retinal atrophy is a particular condition to be aware of.

    Gastric Torsion (Bloat) 

    This condition is known to affect Labradors and is caused when the stomach twists and traps gas. This condition can be fatal to labradors if not treated so you need to watch for signs of restlessness, drooling, whining, vomiting/retching, abdominal swelling and general agitation. Surgery by a vet is the only way to treat gastric torsion.

    These are the most common health problems to be found in Labradors but they are by no means very common and you should not be put off buying labrador puppies for sale. For more information about these fantastic dogs, refer to our Labrador Breed Guide.

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