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    Mixed Breed Puppies For Sale: Advantages of Cross Breed Dogs

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 18 March 2014

    If you arrived here looking for mixed breed puppies for sale please check the corresponding adverts section. In any case, you might find interesting to read the following advices.

    There are several advantages to buying mixed breed puppies and dogs as opposed to pedigree pups..

    One of the biggest advantages in buying mongrel dogs for sale is that they are often considerably cheaper than their pedigree counterparts.

    There are also a number of health benefits to buying mixed breed puppies for sale rather than pedigree pups for sale.

    To find out more about cross breed dogs, read on.


    Buying Mixed Breed Puppies For Sale

    • One of the main advantages of buying mixed breed puppies is that they often don’t suffer from the same genetic health defects that are passed down through pedigree pups. For instance, German shepherd puppies can be prone to hip dysplasia while bulldog puppies often suffer with breathing difficulties.

    • Another advantage of mixed breed puppies is that they are often significantly cheaper than pedigree ones because they are not considered so desirable. For instance, pedigree Bulldog puppies can easily fetch £1500 each while mongrel dogs can be bought for comparatively little.

    • There is no reason why crossed breed's dogs will be any less of a great family pet than pedigree dogs will be. In fact, mixed breed puppies can have desirable traits of both breeds and the undesired traits of neither.

    • Some mixed breed puppies however have become quite expensive and valuable due to their bloodlines, temperament and desirability. For instance, Labradoodles are cross breed dogs from Labrador and poodle heritage. Labradoodles often have the sweet nature of the Labrador and the low shedding fur of the poodle. Labradoodles are almost considered an official dog breed in their own right, especially as it is possible to get pups for sale from two Labradoodle parents.

    • Because of the very nature of cross breed dogs, mixed breed puppies can come in an almost infinite number of sizes, colours and temperaments. Like all pups for sale, cross breed dogs need good training, socialisation and plenty of care and attention. Refer to our Puppy Training Guides for all the help you could ever need when training puppies.

    • If you feel that cross breed dogs are for you, you can search for a wide range of mixed breed puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively if you have mongrel dogs for sale, you can place a free advert here on Dogs and Puppies to reach thousands of people everyday.



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