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    Puppies For Sale: About Show Dogs

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Looking for puppies for sale that can make an impression at dog shows? There are a number of popular show dogs that, with good training and regular grooming, can wow the judges at a dog show.

    Learn more about show dogs in the guide below.





    Breeding Dogs For Show: 5 Tips for Dog Shows

    First of all, it’s worth stating that no one type of dog is bred for show – all sorts of dogs can enter dog shows; it simply depends on the show categories being offered by the organisers. However, some dogs may not qualify for a dog show depending on the conformation restrictions of the breed type.

    Here are our five top tips for competing successfully at show:

    1.    Start early. Of course, early obedience training is important for any dog, never mind one that you plan to enter into dog shows. However, excellent all-round obedience is a pre-requisite for any dog looking to make an impression at show. The show arena is a hugely competitive environment, and a prize winning dog cannot afford to show even a hint of indiscipline, so you will have to plan effective training from a very early age.

    2.    Schedule regular veterinary appointments. Show dogs need to be in perfect health and prime physical condition to wow the judges on competition day, so make sure regular medical and nutritional checks are booked into your diary. Some dog shows will have strict criteria for entry, especially when it comes to health issues, so you’ll need to be stringent in your approach to pet health.

    3.    Dog grooming is another vital ingredient in claiming the top prize at dog shows. Although you can take responsibility for grooming your dog, some competitors prefer to leave it to the experts  - so it may be worth browsing around in your local area for specialist dog groomers to find someone you can trust to maintain the dog’s pedigree appearance come the show.

    4.    Practice makes perfect. In the build up to the competition, leave no stone unturned in terms of rehearsing. On the show, the number of spectators and foreign environment may unnerve your dog, so it’s important to try and recreate the atmosphere and conditions of the show in the build up to ensure your dog is not phased on the day. Don’t expect everything to come together overnight – some prize winners take years to claim their first silverware, so keep working closely with your show dog for best results.

    5.    Finally, don’t become despondent if your dog doesn’t get the acclaim you feel it deserves at the dog show. Remember, many a show dog owner has left a competition disappointed after expecting greater things. It’s important to consider it as something to build upon rather than as an outright rejection of your work with show dogs. Persistence will be key to secure future success at dog shows.

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