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    Puppies For Sale: Top 5 Family Dog Breeds

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    A pet dog is a fantastic addition to any family, with children around however, it is essential that you buy puppies for sale that are very friendly and patient. A lot of the most popular dog breeds in the world are those that do well with families as these are often very even tempered and are fantastic with other animals and people. Read on to find out the top 5 dog breeds to have as a family pet dog.




    Labrador Retriever


    The Labrador Retriever is the most popular registered dog breed in almost every country around the world. Labrador puppies for sale grow into loving, friendly and very energetic family dogs and are very popular as a result. As a pet dog, you could do a lot worse than a Labrador Retriever. Originally bred for hunting, Labrador puppies for sale have become popular for their gentle nature with children and other animals, they still retain their retrieving instincts however and playing fetch and swimming. For more information about the Labrador Retriever, refer to our guide.


    Golden Retriever


    The Golden Retriever is the second most popular family dog in the world and is very closely related to the Labrador Retriever, although is slightly larger. Originally bred for retrieving shot waterfowl, Golden Retriever puppies for sale retain their love of water and their thick coats are excellent at repelling water. The Golden Retriever is one of the best dog breeds to be kept as a pet dog because they are very friendly with children, adults and all other animals. Golden Retrievers are however famed for their appetite and energy levels. You can search for Golden Retriever puppies for sale on Dogs and Puppies.


    German Shepherd


    The German Shepherd is one of the most hardy and loyal bog breeds in the world and they make an excellent pet dog for a family. Although German Shepherds (a.k.a. Alsatians) are known to be used by Police and law enforcement as attack dogs, this is trained aggression German Shepherds are one of the most popular family dog breeds. Early socialisation with children and other animals is important but German Shepherd puppies for sale will grow into a friendly, trustworthy and loyal pet dog.


    Springer Spaniel


    The English Springer Spaniel is one of the best dog breeds for a family pet dog. The seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm present in Springer Spaniel puppies for sale is excellent for a family setting and Springer Spaniels are very friendly and loving family pet dogs. Refer to our guide for more Information About Springer Spaniels.




    The beagle is a small pet dog that is perfect for families of all ages. The Beagle is of the hound family of dog breeds and is classed as a medium sized dog. Beagle puppies for sale will turn into very friendly family dogs that are good with children, other animals and adults alike. The Beagle is not the most intelligent of dogs and can be easily distracted, although they will follow scents for a long way. Beagles are happy to run around all day and calm right down at night and make good family social dogs. Read our guide for more information regarding Beagle puppies for sale.


    Regardless of which dog breeds you choose as a pet dog, you will need dog accessories such as dog toys, dog beds and leads. You can search for dog accessories for sale on Dogs and Puppies.

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