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    Puppies - Introducing New Experiences

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011


    Introducing puppies to a range of new experiences must be done in order to get them to behave appropriately. When you buy puppies you must be prepared for particular instances where the dog displays anti-social behaviour against certain people, objects or situations. By being prepared you can look for puppies for sale safe in the knowledge that you can train dogs to become accustomed to anything and everything. See the following guide to introducing puppies to new experiences for more information.



    Puppies for Sale – What May Scare Them

    There are a number of typical things that a puppy can be uncomfortable with. These include:

    • People of different heights, ages, ethnic backgrounds and those with facial hair
    • Certain items of clothing such as hats
    • Bags, umbrellas, wheelchairs
    • Postman, dustman
    • Noisy home appliances such as vacuums, washing machines, doorbell
    • Vehicles, cyclists
    • Busy areas such as playgrounds, town centres
    • Other animals


    Signs of Puppy Anxiety

    After you buy puppies you will need to look out for certain signs that the dog is uncomfortable. These can be recognised as:

    • Trembling
    • Hiding
    • Growling
    • Urinating
    • Snapping


    How to Help

    You can change the way the dog behaves in these situations if you act accordingly. You will need to make sure that the dog makes a positive association with these experiences. Take everything gradually. So if your dog is afraid of busy playgrounds, start by taking him to a quiet end of the park where there are very few people. Each time you visit, get closer to the busier areas until you reach the playground.


    Remember not to force puppies to approach things they do not want to. Also, be careful not to introduce puppies to too many experiences at one time, as they will become overwhelmed.

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