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    Stable Environment Limited- The Natural choice for Animal Skin Care- All year round.

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 20 September 2011

    Our dogs have become so domesticated it is no wonder they have bad hair days, not to mention skin! Dogs will usually find a muddy puddle to play in, even throughout the summer months, resulting in them having to be wash down before entering the family home.

    Frequent washing or rinsing down removes their natural oils, just as it would ours if we washed our hair each time we took the dog for a walk! We frequently use moisturisers, hair conditioners, lotions and potions on ourselves. However, do we think twice about our dog needing their skin and hair rehydrating that often?
    Nobody likes their homes smelling of wet, damp dogs, so many will use a highly perfumed shampoo to get rid of the smell. Frequent usage of perfumed shampoos’ can irritate the skin and can dry it out to the point of cracking, which in turn can lead to bacterial infections entering the skin causing them to scratch or bite their itchy dry skin.
    Regular use of 4in1 K9 Care will help keep your dog’s skin, hair and paws hydrated and healthy all year round, whilst giving a lustrous tangle free shine.
    Stable Environment’s company policy is to create high quality, animal friendly products that do not cost the “earth”, enabling a wider range of people to use them on their pets. They are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and contain natural pure essential oils. In addition, 10% of company profits go to Animals in Distress Charity no 515886. Please visit our website to see our company’s hands on approach in animal welfare.
    Shower n’ Shine
    “Shower N’ Shine” is an all over body wash designed to be both gentle and soothing on the skin, similar to a human baby wash, with the added benefits of Lavender and Tea Tree pure essential oils. Foam boosters are not used making rinsing off time shorter. The beneficial oils carry on working even after rinsing, promoting healthy skin and hair and leaving your dog smelling naturally clean and fresh.
    4in1 K9 Care -Top Tip’s
    Straight after shampooing towel dry your dog, then use “4in1 K9 Care”, this can be poured or sprayed on, massage all over the dog’s body and brush through the hair, then leave on to dry.( Knots are easier to get out on wet/ conditioned hair). The product goes a long way on damp hair allowing easier penetration to both skin and hair. Spray onto dry hair as little or as often as required, brushing through and leaving on to dry.
    This product has many uses, if sprayed onto the paws it will stop them slipping on most surfaces, which is fantastic news for dogs who struggle to walk on hard floors or participate in agility training. The natural action of Neem oil helps to combat germs and prevent bacteria from being carried around the home or car.
    Neem oil repels and kills over 500 blood sucking pestiferous species including, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and mites, all naturally! It is renowned worldwide for being a natural skin healer, containing vitamin E and other essential amino acids, plus a percentage of fatty acids, which help maintain skins elasticity keeping it healthy, toned and supple.
    4in1 K9 Care also contains Lemongrass pure essential oil, which is a natural skin tonic. Its lovely uplifting aroma will leave your dog smelling naturally clean and fresh. Dogs love the smell of Lemongrass and like to roll in it if they get the chance. This in turn makes application easier as they are not recoiling from an unpleasant smell.        
    The natural conditioners will help re-hydrate the skin and hair, creating a natural balance. We would recommend using this product throughout the whole year to keep your dog’s skin, coat and paws in tip- top condition.
    Shower n’ Shine comes in a 500ml pump action bottle, 4in1 K9 Care in a large 750ml trigger action bottle, both products retail at £8.99 and are available from all good stockists, or can be bought on line at our website.
    Dogs have 220 million olfactory receptors; we have 10 million, so when applying products to your dog please consider their senses.  Imagine how offensive and uncomfortable it must be to their sense of smell having poisonous chemicals and perfumes applied on them. Today there is no excuse for poisons being applied to mammals, because Mother Nature has provided us with natural ingredients that work, the secret is in the blend.
    Written by Mags Roxburgh
    Qualified in: Trichology and advanced Aromatherapy. Developer and designer of all company products  for Stable Environment Limited.

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