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    Stop a Dog Kicking Up Dirt | Dogs and Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    It’s a frustrating situation for any dog owner – you drive to the countryside to take your dog for a pleasant stroll and return home later with a car that looks as if it’s been in the wars – all the result of the dog kicking up dirt. To learn more about techniques that can help prevent this problem, read the guide below.

    How to Stop a Dog Kicking Up Dirt


    • Dogs don’t decide to kick up dirt for the fun of it – it’s in fact a means of marking territory. Dogs will kick dirt to make their presence known to rivals, so while it may be frustrating behaviour, it’s also perfectly natural.

    • Distraction provides the best means of stopping a dog kicking up dirt. When you’re out walking, observe the dog’s movements closely. After a couple of walks, you’ll soon begin to recognise when the dog is about to kick up dirt. At this moment, attempt to interrupt the dog’s thought process by playing a game of fetch or simply giving him an affectionate call.

    • Revert back to the days of early training by using treats to reward good behaviour. If the dog begins to kick, say ‘No’ in a stern voice and try and get the dog to sit. Offer up a treat if he complies with this request.

    • Finally, always remember that only by repeating the above steps can you stop a dog kicking dirt - even if it takes a long time for progress to come to the fore.

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