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    Teacup Puppies For Sale: The Advantages

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Searching for tea cup puppies for sale? These tiny, adorable dogs have become increasingly popular over the years, and are an ideal choice if you are looking for a small, faithful companion.

    Teacup puppies are a toy breed and can be from various breeds, although the most popular with buyers tend to be Yorkshire terrier puppies and Chihuahuas.

    Learn more about teacup puppies in the guide below.





    Owning Teacup Puppies: A Guide

    1.    First of all, it’s important to state that the ‘teacup’ prefix for these small dogs is not universally recognised - these dogs are generally categorised in the toy dog family. It is simply a term that refers to dogs that are smaller than the traditional toy standard.

    2.    Breeding solely for the toy appearance became fashionable in the 19th century when smaller ‘lap’ dogs became increasingly popular with wealthy buyers. These dogs were also seen as status symbols in earlier times, but today they are mostly bred as a popular, loving companion pet. Most teacup puppies will be incredibly loyal to their owner throughout their lifetime, and these dogs tend to be extremely respectful of an owner’s instructions.

    3.    In terms of breeds, many popular dog types have a teacup or toy variation, including the Maltese, Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier and Poodle. Life expectancy tends to vary from 11-15 years depending on the breed type.

    4.    Although these dogs are diminutive in size, this has no impact on aggression. Some toy dogs can have a naturally defensive temperament, yapping and jumping on people. Good training will be required to curb this behaviour, although this tendency will likely subside with age. Some toy breeds may also be dangerous around young children, so if you are searching for tea cup puppies for sale, it’s worth bearing this fact in mind.

    5.    Finally, any owner of teacup puppies should not overlook a regular exercise regime. The dogs may be small in stature and suited to urban living, but it’s important to offer tea cup dogs plenty of scope for exercise as they can have just as much energy and more as larger breeds.

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