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    Top 5 Presents for Dogs

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 04 December 2012

    What are you getting for Christmas? What are you giving for Christmas?

    What about your dog? Here are our Top 5 presents you may want to give your dog this year. They're easy for you and fun for your furry friend. Why wouldn't you get them a present? 


    1. Treats

    Obviously treats are a great present. For Christmas you can present them in a stocking or in a homemade cracker, which is fun for your dog to play when trying to acquire the treats. You can either buy the treats or there are some great recipes where you can make your own, Christmas themed or not.


    2. Toys

    A toy is good, especially if you only have one dog. Dogs are extremely social animals and it is difficult to dedicate all your time to your pet everyday, so giving them an entertaining toy would be a great present. A tennis ball or a stuffed toy can provide a lot of amusement, but what is better, is an electrical toy; this will keep your friend occupied for much longer and can be very fun, but identify what your dog likes the best.


    3. Jumper

    A woolly jumper can be a lovely present and very cute! Again it depends on what your dog prefers but if follow our guide you should be fine. During Christmas it can dramatically fall to minus temperature so a little jumper for your dog may be the most popular Christmas gift this year. And everyone needs a Christmas jumper!


    4. Bed

    How about finding a bigger bed; a softer bed; or a bed with more padding? A new bed is great but make sure you either leave their other bed their so they have the option of which one to use or transfer a blanket over to the new bed that they have been using. Some dogs may not accept a new bed due to the scent mostly. This will help the transfer from one bed to the other. 


    5. Blanket

    A sheepskin blanket or a fleece blanket is great as a winter Christmas present. This will provide more comfort for your dog and is easier and more appropriate to move around than your dogs bed. Although it is necessary for a dog to have, it is a lovely extra that they will most certainly enjoy.

    Photo by Alan Cleaver


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