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    Train a Dog to Stop Barking | Dogs and Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    A barking dog can be a nightmare for any dog owner. Whether it’s upsetting the neighbours or preventing you from having a decent night’s sleep, it’s important to learn techniques to train a dog not to bark. If you are looking for tips on how to stop a barking dog, read the advice provided below.

    How To Train a Dog Not to Bark


    • Try and locate the root of the problem. It’s rare that a dog will be barking for no reason at all. Is there anything distracting the dog in the garden? Does the dog become aggressive around other people and animals? Only by answering these questions can you begin to work on a plan to curb excessive barking behaviour.

    • While it’s never easy to stop a dog barking - after all it’s a natural canine instinct – there are some factors that may be influencing the dog’s behaviour. First of all check all the dog’s requirements are being met – is he getting enough exercise? The dog may be pining for some fresh air. Are you providing enough food and water? Often, thirst or hunger can be la eading factor behind incessant barking. Finally, does the dog need to relieve itself? A well-trained dog may fear the consequences of going to the toilet within the confines of the house.

    • If the dog becomes anxious at the presence of other people or animals, try and keep the dog to an area of the house where there are few windows. This may reduce the chances of a dog reacting to a passing neighbour or animal. Ensure there are plenty of toys and treats within the house that can occupy his attention if the dog begins to bark.

    • Another way to curb the problem is to reintroduce basic training techniques and the failsafe system of rewards for good behaviour. The moment a dog starts barking, say ‘No’ in a stern manner. If the dog falls silent, offer up a treat and show a little affection. This may help to convince the dog that resisting the urge to bark could reap the rewards.

    • Finally, if no amount of training seems to stop a barking dog, you can always consider the option of buying a No Bark Collar. Many dog owners harbour concerns over whether these collars are cruel, but there are some humane No Bark Collar alternatives available on the market. It’s essential to do your research before buying to ensure a collar will do no harm to your dog.

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