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    What to feed a Border Terrier?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceSunday 29 September 2013

    As you know, each breed of dog has its own unique set of nutritional requirements. It has been passed on from generation to generation just as other unique characteristics of the breed: body size, temperament, coat, eyes etc. 

    The genetic pattern of the dogs cannot be changed by feeding and exposing the canines to a different diet for some time. Border Terriers, as many other breeds have to be fed with food containing nutrients that fulfil all the requirements of this particular breed.

    The best food for Border Terriers should contain nutrient sources similar to those found in the natural environment of this dog breed’s ancestors. It means that all of the the products have to be already known to the digestive and glandular systems of today’s Border Terrier dogs. This makes them easier to assimilate.

    The food for your Border Terrier should contain a proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), vitamins and minerals that match the breed specific nutritional requirements. You should remember that by providing proper food to your dogs you are saving future money on vet and medications.

    Many dogs, including Border Terrier puppies, might suffer from various nutritionally related problems that might lead to huge vet bills. Dry, itchy or flaky skin, hot spots, yeast infections in the ears, thyroid and liver or kidney problems are just a few of the possible issues you might have to deal with if you do not provide your dog with the proper food and nutrients. Once you feed your dog well and choose a sutable diet for your dog, he will be healthier and you will save your money.

    The best diet for a Border Terrier is one made from fresh products and quality ingredients. Preparing food for your dog is not a complicated thing and, what is more, preparing home cooked meals for your Terrier is in fact less expensive than buying the all-breed commercial pet food of any brand.


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