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    What To Know About Bulldogs

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 03 March 2014

    Although bulldogs were bred for fighting, hundreds of years of selective breeding have made them extremely friendly, lovable and loyal dogs.

    The small size of a bulldog is one of the reasons they are quite popular and they don’t need great amounts of exercise. 

    Bulldogs do need some specific care however so to learn more about this breed, read on.

    All About Bulldogs

    • Bulldogs were bred as fighting dogs but have long since lost their aggressive nature although their courage and will still remains. Bulldogs are highly individual dogs that can take the rough and tumble of daily life and do so with a smile. The hardy nature of these dogs means that they will often not show signs of distress or needing until it is urgent so owners of bulldogs need to be vigilant.
    • This dog never really matures so they will always have a puppish enthusiasm althrough their lives. Bulldog puppies have a continuing love of chewing things and this needs to be managed to avoid damage to furniture and belongings.
    • Bulldogs love people and get on especially well with children, tolerating the prodding and rough behaviour that inevitably occurs with children. It is important to teach children to respect all animals however.
    • Bulldogs need some specific care and you should make sure that you start early with bulldog puppies in getting them used to handling and grooming. Bulldogs need to be bathed fairly regularly, especially the folds of skin on their face.
    • Like all dogs, you should get your Bulldog used to having their teeth cleaned as this will be important. Regularly cleaning your dog’s teeth will help to keep them healthy and ensure his breath stays good.
    • Bulldogs are quite sensitive to temperature changes, both hot and cold so it is not the best idea to acquire this dog if you intend to keep them outside. They will suffer in both the winter and the summer if the temperature is not kept fairly constant.
    • You need to ensure that you get your Bulldog puppy from breeders that are aware of some of the genetic conditions in this breed and are the offspring of healthy Bulldogs. These puppies should therefore avoid a lot of the problems commonly associated with the breed.
    • If you feel that a bulldog puppy will be a welcomed addition to your family, you can search for bulldog puppies for sale on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, if you have bulldog puppies you can place an ad for free very easily.


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