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    Why Re-home a Dog Online?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Regardless of why you need to re-home a dog, there are a number of ways to go about it and some are better than others. Using the internet to re-home dogs is an excellent way to go about it because you can advertise dogs for re-homing to a huge number of people very quickly. To find out more about re-homing dogs online, read on.



    How To Re-home Dogs Online



    • There are a number of places that you can advertise dogs for re-homing online and you can place a free advert to re-home dogs here on Dogs and Puppies. By using the internet to re-home dogs, thousands of people will be able to see your advert very quickly and across a much wider area.


    • When you try to re-home dogs online, you should put some thought into the advert you use as this is the only way that potential new owners will get to see the dogs for re-homing. On dogs and Puppies, you can add extra photos at no extra cost and for a small fee you can have your advert placed at the top of the lists to gain extra exposure.


    • Advertising your dogs for re-homing online and trying to re-home a dog yourself is preferable to sending the dog to a rescue shelter because there is no guarantee that they can re-home dogs quickly. Some dogs for re-homing also suffer from the comparative lack of human contact at a rescue shelter.


    • An exception to the above rule is if the dog has an ongoing medical condition as the shelter will be able to provide medical care and re-home the dog to an owner that is capable of providing the correct level of care.


    • When re-homing dogs online, you also get the opportunity to talk with many more people who are looking to re-home dogs beforehand so you can try and choose the most suitable person to re-home the dog. When you are re-homing dogs make sure that the dog meets the potential new owner for an extended period of time and that they are compatible.


    Remember, you can advertise your dogs for re-homing for free here on Dogs and Puppies and reach thousands of people every day.

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