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    Why your dog barks?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 25 August 2011

    Before getting mad because of your dog barking and starting to apply some radical methods you should first understand what the cause of the dog barking is. The dogs do not bark to make you go crazy or annoy the neighbours you do not like.

    Although it might seem that they bark just for barking, remember that the dogs have more developed senses than human beings. What is more, some dog breeds tend to bark more than others so it is another thing you should also bear it mind. To control an excessive dog barking you should first understand the reason for it. Below you can find a list for the most common sources of dog barking:

    • Enthusiasm and excitement might be a cause especially in young dogs;
    • Tension and anxiety when dogs are left at home alone and suffer from separation anxiety;
    • State of alert when they feel in danger: stranger passing by, someone at the door, dog instinct;
    • To get attention might be another reason, very common when there are children nearby;
    • Boredom might be easily deal with – just take your dog for a walk or start to play!
    • Talking to other dogs.

    Those reasons are all natural and one should be conscious of all of them. However, when dog barking starts to be excessive you should know how to control your pet’s behaviour. Learn here some of the methods to stop dog barking.

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