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    'Please Look After Me' - Shar Pei Abandoned At Railway Station

    NewsWednesday 07 January 2015


    Shar Pei cross Kai was handed into Scottish SPCA after being found tied to railings outside Ayr station with a suitcase containing his belongings.



    Passersby were stunned at the sight of the abandoned dog, who is thought to be between 2 and 3 years old. The suitcase he was left with contained a toy, bowl, dog food and even Kai's own pillow. He looked after by station staff until the Scottish SPCA arrived - the charity are now looking after Kai and trying to find him a forever home.


    In Scotland, abandoning a dog is a criminal offence and can lead to a lifetime ban on owning animals. The SPCA are also keen to track down Kai's previous owners, despite him only being in their care since 2013.

    'The dog is microchipped and we were able to find out his name is Kai,' said Stewart Taylor, a Scottish SPCA inspector, 'We contacted the owner registered to the microchip, who stated they had sold Kai on Gumtree in 2013. Unfortunately they could not tell us the address of the person who bought him.'


    He added: 'This case highlights the potential consequences of selling an animal online, as it often leads to the impulse buying of pets that people know very little about. Regardless of the fact Kai was left with his belongings, this was still a cruel incident and we are keen to identify the person responsible.'

    If you are considering rehoming a pet, please read our detailed guide on how to do so, to gaurantee your dog the best life possible post-adoption.


    The video below was published by the SPCA and demonstrates Kai's sweet nature. Unsuprisingly, since Kai's story went public, the SPCA have been bombarded by over 100 calls offering the lovely Shar Pei a new home. 

    We have absolutely no doubt that Kai will be snapped up by a loving family! His gorgeous looks and wonderful temperament are common among shelter dogs - who often end up in rescue through no fault of their own.


    If you want to adopt a rescue dog like Kai, please check out our shelter directory for rescues near you!




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