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    Teacher spends £3,000 flying dog from Cambodia to UK

    NewsUK Dog NewsFriday 23 August 2013
    A teacher, Elise Dixie spent over £3,000 to bring a dog she met in Cambodia to bring him to the UK where he was seriously ill in Cambodia.
    Elise Dixie, 26, was travelling and volunteering in Cambodia came across the stray puppy. She met the dog named Snooky at just 2 months old and he was literally just weeks from dying. After some tender loving car, she helped him get back to strength.
    Snooky was said to have lost most of its hair and also had a distended stomach when Elise first saw it at the start of a fishing trip. When she cam back the dog was still on the beach and she took it to her hostel where she looked after it.
    Miss Dixie who has to return back home to Felixstowe. She arranged for it to be cared by the Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society. She received regular updates about the dog and decided to fly the dog to the UK too. She helped raise the cash, over £3,000 so this could be achieved. She said that 'I was certain he wouldn't know who I was - but he was so happy to see me, wagging his tail.
    'I was bawling my eyeballs out. He's a great dog and everyone loves him so much.'

    'He was so tiny and in an absolutely dreadful state.
    'He had this chain round his neck which was cutting into his neck, and he looked emaciated and his stomach was all distended.
    'He had severe mange and no fur - totally bald, and just kept scratching his skin.
    'We managed to get some bolt croppers and cut the chain off, and a vet later told me Snooky had been two weeks from death.
    'It's a completely different culture over there - they don't have dogs as pets like we do. 
    'They eat dogs, and dogs that roam are likely to be attacked and killed by other dogs.
    'I just couldn't let that happen. I took him with me back to the hostel and immediately tried to find a vet to help him.'
    Source: Daily Mail

    Photo: Wikimedia
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