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    10 Cute Pomeranian Memes

    NewsTuesday 04 November 2014



    With their fluffy looks and feisty temperaments, Pomeranians can make a loyal companion to the right owner. Here's 10 of our favourite Pom-specific memes. Some are funny, some accurately portray life with these little fellas and some are just...well....






    Pommy Depp?


    The Wink Gives It Away!


    Did You Get Into The Catnip Again?


    I Think Every Pom Owner Will Know This Face!


    "But I Was Trying To Help!"


    Brought To You By Aspiring Actor Pom Hardy


    Damns Given = Zero


    "I'm Sooo OVER The Afterlife!"


    And Of Course, My All-Time Favourite


    Pomeranians might be small but they've got attitude so check our breed guide to make sure they are the right dog for you!




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