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    10 Dogs Who Are Already So Over Christmas

    NewsWednesday 26 November 2014


    It's nearly December and Christmas is nigh! And it's hard to forget with Christmas music, decorations etc appearing earlier and earlier each year. Here's 10 canines who have just had enough and are totally over Christmas already... 



    This Little French Bulldog, Who Thinks You've Gone Too Far This Time


    This Precarious Pooch, Who Has Had An Unfortunate Run-In With This Year's Decorations


    This English Bulldog, Whose Face Says It All


    These Three Wise Dobermen, Who Feel Cheated By The Allocated Budget For Their Costumes This Year


    This Pup, Who Is Totally Not Cool With a Big, Red, Bearded Home Invader Stealing His Cookies and Milk


    This Basset Hound Who, Despite His Human's Best Efforts, Is Still Feeling Pretty Nonchalent About This Whole Christmas Thing


    This Canine, Who Is Playing Third Wheel To His Feline Friends' Mistletoe Antics


    This Beagle, Who Is Plotting A Revenge-Poop In Your Shoes Later


    This Springer, Who Feels Just...Meh


    Don't Worry Though, I'm Sure They'll Get Into The Festive Spirit Soon!



    Give a dog in need the ultimate gift this year- check out our shelter directory for rescues near you! But remeber that a dog is not just for Christmas!

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