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    10 Irish Wolfhounds Who Have No Idea How Big They Are

    NewsFriday 24 October 2014


    Our Breed of The Week is the Irish Wolfhound! This breed are usually considered to be introverted and, despite their enourmous size, graceful and carefull in the house. These guys, however, don't seem to realise just how big they are... 



    "But I AM a lapdog!"




    "That's cool I'll just squeeze on here..." 


    "If it fits I sits!"


    "There Was a Spider!!!"


    "Why you mad kitty? I'm a great sleeping partner..."




    "Don't worry pal I'll just sleep in your bed!"


    "What're you laughing at?!?"


    "What's a bit of size difference between best pals?"


    Find out more about this gentle giant over on our breed guide. If you think you could offer one a good home be sure to check your local shelter first! 





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