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    100 people are bitten by dogs a week in England and Wales that need emergency treatment

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 09 October 2013
    There were 5000 incidents that paramedics’ responded to in England and Wales last year involving dogs biting and attacking humans last year with victims include pensioners, babies and the dog’s owners. The news comes as the Government is considering tougher penalties on the actual dog owners whose pets inflict the injuries.
    Under current laws, dog owners can be sent to prison for a maximum of 2 years and not be liable for prosecution if the attacks occur on private property. A mother of five whose four dogs mauled 14 year old Jade Anderson to death is facing jail after she admitted she caused unnecessary suffering to her dogs. She admitted a cruelty offence under the Animal Welfare Act when she appeared before Wigan Magistrates Court. It is likely she will face 6 months behind bars when she is sentenced.
    Jade’s step father Mike Anderson wants tougher controls and said currently the laws are based on 170 year old laws with no enforcement.
    Currently ministers want to amend the bill so it removes immunity from prosecution of dog owners whose animal attacks someone on private property. It is basically designed to protect people who visit houses as part of their job such as postal workers, utility staff and healthcare employees.
    Crime prevention Minister Jeremy Browne said that 'We are taking urgent action to protect the public from out-of-control dogs.
    'We are changing the law so owners can be prosecuted for attacks on private property.'
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Wikipedia
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