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    17 of The Grumpiest Dogs on The Internet

    NewsWorld Dog NewsThursday 24 July 2014

    Grumpy is the mood to be in if you wish to star on the internet.

    These lovely (humm.. lovely, sure?) creatures below are known for their facial features and, why not, their tough attitude in front of a camera.

    Beware who you stare at because these brave guys are not going to share a smile with you.

    I would not like to come across any of them in a dark, narrow alley. Would you?


    Source: reddit

    Source: Imgur

    Source: The Chive

    Source: Imgur

    Source: Cute Overload

    Source: Winnie Yong

    Source: Imgur

    Source: That Cute Site

    Source: Pinterest

    Source: Bully Life / instagram

    Source: imgur

    Source: reddit



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