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    33,000-year-old fossil skull said to resemble a dog

    NewsWorld Dog NewsMonday 18 March 2013
    A skull that was found by Russian archaeologists in 1975 in Siberia that was believed to have been a wolf now could actually have been a dog. Only recently has this been discovered.
    Anna Druzhkova, part of the team of Russian Academy of Sciences, made the discovery many years ago but thanks to recent advances in DNA technologies more has been found out. After comparing the DNA of the find with the DNA of modern wolfs and dogs the link was found to be canine. It was said to be linked to one of these breeds; Tibetian Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, and Siberian Huskies.
    This finding however has confused scientiests as there are complications as to when modern dogs first became domesticated as it was believed that the first domesticated dogs came from around the Middle East and East Asia. It has even been said that this dog from the recent find could have become extinct and later on only was the connection made. Previously it had been argued that the first modern dogs were from around 16,000 years ago however this new evidence shows a huge difference and now sets that date back to 33,000 years ago.
    Source: Dogster
    Photo Source: Grand Canyon NPS
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