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    5 Reasons To Foster a Rescue Dog

    NewsFriday 07 November 2014

    Every year, thousands upon thousands of canines end up in shelters and rescues - who are stretched thin trying to make room for all of the dogs in need. If you want to make a difference to a dog's life, consider becoming a fosterer. Here's 5 reasons why...



    It Will Prepare You For a Dog Of Your Own...

    People often get a dog without realistically assessing how a dog would fit into their lives and many pets end up in shelters as a result. Fostering a dog first is an excellent way to see how you will cope with a pooch full-time and saves you a lot of heartache if you find you are not ready for a dog - it’s better to know before you commit to a dog permanently!


    A Playmate for Your Family and Other Pets

    It's no secret that dogs are a complete joy to own for all the family. Current pets will (hopefully) love the company a new furry family member brings - but do let the shelter know you have other pets when applying to foster. If you have children, they get the opportunity to learn about being responsible with pets, and the fostering experience will demonstrate the benefits of compassion and generosity to them.


    Help Find Your Foster Dog The Perfect Home

    When you foster a shelter dog, you will get to know its personality traits, likes, dislikes and habits. This can provide essential information for any potential new owners and help find the dog a perfect forever home. Being in a foster home is also significantly less stressful for the pooch than being in kennels, so any potential adoptees will be able to see the dog's best side in a relaxed environment.



    You’re Helping The Shelter Make Room for One More Dog

    You fostering a dog means there is one more kennel free in the shelter for a dog in need. So effectively you are saving not just one life, but two.


    Your Kindness May Go Beyond Helping A Dog In Need

    Many rescues run fostering programs so that owners who are temporarily unable to care for their pets do not have to rehome them permanently. The Cinnamon Trust places pets in temporary foster care when their elderly owners are in hospital for periods of time until they are well again. Raystede runs Petlink - a pet fostering service for families fleeing domestic abuse. These services help to keep loving owners united with their furry best friend, and can be a real lifeline to people in difficult circumstances.

    “I can’t explain enough how much your hard work, effort and support has eased this immensely difficult time of my life. It has been so re-assuring to have you on the end of the phone, and your continual support in ensuring Smudge and Sooty are so well loved and cared for. Please thank their foster parents profusely for me. I will always be eternally grateful to you, and if there is anything I can ever do to help in the future please don’t hesitate to ask.” - Petlink Client


    Check out the video below for a glimpse of life as a fosterer:


    Raystede, Battersea, Rescue Remedies and The Dogs Trust are among just a few charities and shelters looking for fosterers. Contact your local shelter to see if you can help them by fostering a dog in need!



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