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    8 Faces For Everyday Situations - Demonstrated by Fox Terriers

    NewsThursday 20 November 2014



    Our Breed of The Week is the Fox Terrier! With Wire, Smooth, Miniature and Toy variations, this hardy breed takes no nonsense from anyone. So who could be better to demonstrate the faces we humans master for frustrating everyday situations?




    When Your Boss Asks "Would You Mind Doing This Presentation...It's Due in 20 Minutes?" And You Want To Make It Clear That YES YOU WOULD MIND


    When Someone Asks "Do You Mind If I Have The Last Hobnob?"


    "What Are You Two Talking About?"  "Nothing (definately you)"


    When You're So Desparate To Get Home That You Actually Fly There


    When Someone is Telling a Very Elaborate Lie To Get Out Of Doing Something


    When You're Telling a Very Elaborate Lie To Get Out of Doing Something


    When You've Definately Been Caught Doing Something You Shouldn't (Probably To Do With Elaborate Lie, See Above)


    And For When You've Just Had Enough...


    Be sure to read up on the Fox Terrier using our Breed Guide. Rescue Remedies has a lot of terriers waiting for forever homes, so consider adopting a rescue dog!



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