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    Anti-tethering law

    NewsWorld Dog NewsMonday 04 July 2011

    Palm Beach County (Florida, USA) dog owners started to receive warnings due to the new anti-tethering law that has been in force since 1st July. The new law aims to prevent the deaths of dogs and other pets that die because of the lack of supervision while being chained outside the properties.  

    Animal Care and Control officers were looking for people who had their dogs chained outside illegally last Friday and were obliged to give several warnings to the Palm Beach residents. During the first day of anti-tethering law, the officers also received many phone calls from people reporting chained dogs left outside in the sun.

    The dogs that are left chained outside the houses are in a big danger as they might jump fences and hang themselves, wrap their chains around something and strangle. The lack of the supervision results fatal in most of the cases. 

    The law says that the dogs can be tied up only under direct supervision and requires outdoor dog shelters to be at least 80 square feet with temperature of less than 30 degrees. Violators of the tethering and shelter rules might face from £70 fine to £400. Criminal charges may be filed in extreme cases.

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