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    Beagle Sniffs Out the Sick

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsFriday 14 December 2012

    A dog that is able to sniff out the serious bug that is traveling around from person to person at the moment. This Beagle can walk around the lab and sniff out patients with the disease. 

    Dogs are trained to sniff out different diseases however it is believed that this is a first for the detection of Clostridium difficile. This is common in people after taking antibiotics although can occur in the public with symptoms of diarrhoea and deathly inflammation of the bowel. The elderly are at the highest risk with this C.difficile. 

    The dog was trained to sit by any affected patients in the hospital in the Netherlands. The dog wrongly detected the disease in 5 people out of 270 which is very low. If the disease is detected earlier, it will help to prevent it being passed on to other people and other treatments can be slow.

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