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    Canine Nose For Mobile Phones

    NewsDog CuriositiesWednesday 25 May 2011

    Tank, the 18-month-old Butler County Sheriff police dog, helps to sniff out cell phones, narcotics and tobacco at the Butler County Jail (Hamilton, USA).

    The chocolate Labrador helps to keep the jail and visitation rooms free of contraband. Tank has a nose for detecting mobile phones, tobacco and drugs that might be stashed under mattresses or hidden in the chair cushions during visitations. After detecting illegal thing, the dog only sits and stares down the suspicious place waiting for its human partner to look for it. The best reward? A ball to play with it! Tank keeps on being a normal dog apart from doing a great job in prison. It loves children and enjoys the family life with his human work colleague.

    Tank has had a 3 weeks training with his partner and also has received intensive instruction at the centre for about 90 days. Tank is trained to look for the banned objects only when instructed.

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