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    Catie Copley, World's first dog concierge

    NewsFamous Dog NewsTuesday 10 June 2014

    Catie Copley, a 68lb black labrador has been working at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts for ten years.

    The dog, who was originally trained at the Guide Dog Association for the Blind in New York before transferring to Boston  is world's first canine concierge.

    Catie has her own email address and business cards and is certainly the most famous dog in twon as she gets to be recognised when taken for her walks. 

    The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel's concierge will not ask to be tipped but she will probably expect a treat or biscuit from you for her service.

    Catie, who will be 13 years old this year, was deemed unfit for the job she was trained as a guide dog after she was diagnosed with mild eyesight problems in her final visits with the vet.

    Fortunately, the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel hired her as a concierge and, according to Suzanne Wenz, of the hotel: ‘Catie's main job is to make people happy and greet guests in the lobby. She's an important part of the hotel's team and gets on with her colleagues.’

    The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel opened in 1912 and employed Catie following a refurbishment of the hotel in 2004. 

    ‘We wanted the hotel to be a home away from home for our guests so we decided to bring Catie in as a concierge,’ Ms Wenz said.

    ‘What's better than having a dog to welcome you to your stay here? 

    ‘Guests love Catie. In fact, she gets more comments than any other staff member at the hotel.

    The dog has become so popular that guests call three months in advance to book a walk with her. And the best-selling product at the hotel's gift store is a replica toy of Catie. 

    When Catie's not working at the hotel, she lives with fellow concierge, Joe Fallon, 47. 

    As Catie nears retirement, she has started training Carly, a  three-year-old black labrador who will take on her job when she retires. 

    Watch the photos and video below to get to know Catie better!




    Source: and Matthew Growcoot/News Dog Media

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