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    Chinese dogs saved moments before going to the slaughter house

    NewsWorld Dog NewsTuesday 19 March 2013

    A truck in China carrying hundreds of dogs destined for the slaughter house was spotted by a motorist who alerted both police and animal rights activists. Thankfully the activists were able to get there in time and all the dogs were freed however many were injured and some had even died from the long journey with such harsh conditions.

    The truck was spotted by a motorist in the Ghizhou province of China while on it’s way to the slaughterhouse. The motorist disgusted with what was occurring and the conditions of the dogs took photos on his camera of the situation and posted them on the Internet. He used a website called Weibo which is a Chinese website similar to Twitter. Thankfully the photos went viral almost instantly and soon animal rights activists were able to find the truck, intercept it and also alert local police who stopped it at the next toll.

    This time, fortunately, the situation was resolved however previously activists have not been so lucky. Last year a group of activists tried to stop a truck containing hundreds of dogs but paid thugs persuaded them to leave.

    Dog meat is legal to eat in China and the tradition has lasted thousands of years even though the country was arguably the first to turn dogs into domesticated animals. The trade and transportation of animals is certainly a big issue both in the country and abroad. Westerners and animal welfare groups heavily criticise the actions of this industry. China is however responding with many domestic activists and pet owners speaking out against the methods used to slaughter dogs. Recently the Chinese Companion Animal Protection Network (CCAPN) has been setup to help monitor and prevent such issues. There has even been Government legislature drafted to outright ban the consumption of dog meat however this has come up against many traditional barriers such as national festivals where is customary to eat dog.

    Source: Daily Mail

    Photo Source: jimmiehomeschoolmom

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