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    Collie bit my Staffie before turning on me, says Leicester dog owner

    NewsUK Dog NewsMonday 26 March 2012
    UK Dogs & Puppies

    A dog owner has told how a border collie savaged her Staffordshire bull terrier – and then turned on her.

    The 22-year-old managed to pull the dog off her pet, only for it to sink its teeth into her right wrist and then her left hand.

    The attack, in Braunstone Park, Leicester, on Wednesday morning, left the dog owner in intense pain and bleeding heavily.

    Several days on, she has very little movement in her wrist.

    Police now want to trace two women who were apparently the owners of the collie.

    The victim, who has asked not to be named, spoke to the Mercury because she believes the dog which attacked her and four-year-old Staffie Prada is dangerous and needs to be traced.

    "If someone had told me this story, I'd have thought they were lying," she said.

    "It's supposed to be the other way around isn't it? Staffordshire Bull Terriers are supposed to be aggressive dogs, not collies."

    The attack happened at 6.30am while the woman was taking Prada and her other Staffie, 13-month-old Diesel, for their regular walk before she went to work.

    She said: "The women and their dogs were walking towards us and, before I had a chance to think, their black and white collie launched itself at Prada and they got into a fight.

    "I managed to retrieve her and was holding her, but then the dog came back and leapt up and grabbed my right wrist in its mouth. It was so painful, and when I tried to get it off it bit my other hand.

    "My clothes were covered in blood, but I was able to get home and got into my car and drove to hospital.

    "I don't remember much about it, I was in such shock.

    "The dog was with two women who could see I was bleeding, but they did nothing to help me.

    "That dog is dangerous and it needs to be found before it hurts someone else."

    The woman now faces an anxious wait to find out whether the damage to her wrist will be permanent.

    A doctor has put her on course of painkillers and antibiotics in case there is any infection. Prada suffered bite marks on her face which have been treated by a vet.

    Police have appealed to anyone who witnessed the incident, or who knows the identities of the two women who were walking the collie and two other dogs, to come forward.

    Police community support officer Sam Jelley said: "The victim has told us she is very worried this could have happened to a child. Both of her hands are strapped up and she is in pain.

    "We need help identifying the two women who were with the dog which attacked her. They knew the dog had hurt her because she was obviously in pain.

    "She thinks they were aged between 40 and 50."

    Source: This is Leicestershire

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