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    Council leaves messages on the pavement for serial dog poo leavers

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsTuesday 07 May 2013

    East Devon District Council has taken action to combat people who aren’t picking up their dog’s mess. 

    Too many people are littering the streets with dog muck and the local authority thought that something had to be done. 
    The council has taken to spray-painting the streets within the dog-poo hotspots with a sign that reads ‘Pick it up’ and also has a picture of a small dog and a small pile or mound of dog poo. 
    The campaign is said to be aiming to "remind dog owners of their responsibilities". 
    No one enjoys bending down in public and picking up dog poo, but it is something that simply must be done if our streets are to be clean once again. 
    Councillor Iain Chubb, of East Devon District Council also stated that it was not graffiti on the streets, and that it would disappear after about two weeks. 
    The council added it was "targeting a small but persistent group of people who either didn't care or couldn't be bothered" to clean-up.
    Mr Chubb, who is the cabinet member for environment, said: "They are the ones putting the rest of us to the trouble of cleaning our shoes, protecting our children from disease carried by dog mess, and even saving other pets walking through the stuff.
    "[The campaign] highlights that you have to pick-up or face prosecution."
    He added the mess was not only left by residents but, people travelling to the district are also choosing not to pick it up. 
    Irresponsible dog walkers who decide to leave their dog’s mess on the floor can be fined up to £1,000. 
    What are your thoughts on this method of keeping the streets clean? Will it work? Is it just adding to the state of our pavements?  
    Source: BBC
    Picture courtesy of East Devon District Council
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