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    Council of a small town in Spain sends dog mess to owners who fail to pick it up

    NewsWorld Dog NewsThursday 13 June 2013
    No one likes stepping in dog mess, it is pretty disgusting, smells bad and ruins a good pair of shoes. There is nothing worse than having to forage for a stick to remove dog much from the tread of a new pair of trainers. 
    Not only is treading in dog muck a pretty traumatic experience, but it is also pretty grim to look at and it also smells awful. A while ago we told you all about how the East Devon Council took to spraying graffiti on the streets to catch out people who simply abandoned their dog’s mess. Well, now the council in a small Spanish town has taken another approach. 
    In February this year, the members of the council got together with advertising agency McCann Erickson and came up with a new plan to catch out those pesky dog-poo-leavers (there is no easier and more concise way of labelling people who let their dogs foul the pavements).
    A group of 20 volunteers were brought aboard and acted as vigilantes helping clear the streets of dog mess, but in a more unusual manner. They were tasked with prowling the streets and spotting any owners abandoning their dog’s mess. Then, they had to scoop up the poo and deliver it back to the owners, via a courier, to their home address, with a lost property stamp stuck on the box. 
    The volunteer vigilantes had to spot people who abandoned the poo, befriend them and get their dog’s name and breed. This information was then sent to the Town Hall’s registered database where the address of the offending owner was found. The collected poo was then boxed up and sent to the owner. 
    In one week 147 deliveries were made and the amount of dog mess in the town then fell by 70%!
    Check out the video of the goings on below. 

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