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    CUTE VIDEO - Will This French Bulldog EVER Get The Tennis Ball???

    NewsTuesday 28 October 2014



    We all encounter struggles in our everyday lives. But none captured on video have been more poignant than the battle between this adorable French Bulldog and the elusive tennis ball.



    The sweet canine, called Blanky, knows she can't go on the couch and as a result can't quite reach the tennis ball. But instead of throwing the towel in after the first few goes, she continues the struggle to reach the green, round and fairly chewed up prize. One question remains unanwered, however, will Blanky ever get the tennis ball? Check out the video below to find out!

    The pooch's face at the end of the video says it all - we know how you feel Blanky, we know how you feel. A rather depressing life lesson for us all (don't worry I'm sure she did get the ball somehow in the end).


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