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    David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

    NewsWorld Dog NewsFriday 11 November 2011

    Dogsandpuppies runs the contests with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in order to support the charity in this exceptional project working to save the African Painted Dog and other wildlife in the region, benefit the local people and raise awareness for wildlife and the environment in Zimbabwe.

    Fewer than 3.000-5.000 African painted dogs (commonly known as wild dogs) survive in viable populations in just four countries, making this species Africa's most endangered carnivore. Since the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) project began dog numbers rose from 400 to approximately 750 in Zimbabwe today, which has not occurred elsewhere in Africa. David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation funds the work of the Painted Dog Conservation Project's monitoring and anti-poaching work which is now made up of 28 men in three teams who have successfully gathered over 12.000 snares in the last few years. Grants also support the project headquarters, located near the main gate of Hwange National Park, and its vital education project to encourage tolerance for the dogs from local communities and ranchers. With the current crisis in the country, more and more resources are needed for anti-snare operations and the project has now become one of the largest employers in the Hwange area. Today, over 1.000 local children each year visit the project's bush camps where they learn about the value of nature and the environment. The project now also works with over 30 artisans, encouraging local artists to make wire sculptures from the snares confiscated from the bush by the project's anti-poaching teams, turning them into works of great beauty, thereby providing incomes for their families and communities. As a major funder of the project, grants are allocated for anti-poaching operations, monitoring and tracking known packs of dogs, relocation of problem animals, local awareness and education campaigns and community work to directly benefit the rural people. In 2009, a number of injured and vulnerable dogs have been brought to the project's rehabilitation centre to be cared for in preparation for release back into the wild. Five pups - orphaned when lions attacked their pack - were adopted by two remarkable dogs at the centre and will be released as a pack. Collared and monitored, the released dogs provide vital data for the future conservation of their species. Adoption link.

    "We will never give up; no matter how tough it gets and we sincerely hope that all the DSWF supporters who make our work possible continue their wonderful support."

    Peter Blinston, Project Manager


    The contest is on till 31st January! Each month: November, December, January we are going to choose ONE person that gets original dog paintings from David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. However, all the users will participate in the drawing of the main prize on the 1st February: an exclusive framed sketch of the African painted dog. Get down to good cause, win prizes by answering few simple questions. Click here to participate!!!


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