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    Dog detects diabetes in 7 year old child.

    NewsWorld Dog NewsWednesday 03 July 2013
    A dog that was being trained to detect diabetes has detected the illness in a 7 year old boy. Dogs were brought in to socialise with the children when one of the dogs gave the signal that the child may have had a problem.
    Drey’s Alert Dogs was training a group of dogs. The organisation enlisted small children in a program called “kids for diabetics”.
    The children were brought in so the puppies could be socialised around small children. During the middle of the training, one of the dogs began pawing away at one of the boys and it was later determined that he had an early stage of the illness.
    The dogs were being trained to diagnose diabetes by smelling for blood sugar levels below 80 or above 180. The boy’s mother Kenyatta Carter said that” If we wouldn’t have been here I probably never would’ve know that he was a diabetic.”
    Dogs have performed some pretty amazing feats for their owners and with this sort of discovery it seems that we are only scratching the surface with what dogs can achieve. They may be more use then just being a man’s best friend. 
    It was already known that dogs were able to sniff out certain forms of cancer and other problems but being able to smell low blood sugar levels is incredible and for someone can mean the difference between life and death.
    So far scientists have not been able to understand what exactly triggers a dog to detect the smell and this is a problem as one day they hope to develop a machine to do this instead. Unfortunately dogs who are trained for this cost around $20,000 and the waiting lists are long so there is a need for a machine to be developed.
    Source: Inquistr
    Photo: Jill Brown
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