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    Dog Dies After Protecting His Family From Bullets

    NewsTuesday 02 December 2014


    A German Shepherd sacrificed his life to protect his family after a gunman opened fire on the car they were in. 



    The brave canine, called Noah, threw himself in the line of fire - which ensured no-one else in the car suffered bullet wounds. Police understand that the shooting followed a road rage altercation involving the gunman and Noah's family. Driving a blue-grey Taurus, the gunman followed the family's white SUV into a parking lot and opened fire on the unsuspecting victims. The bullets shattered the car's windows - leaving glass inside and outside of the car. 

    Acting quickly, Noah protected his family by sacrificing himself  - obstructing the bullets so his owners remained unharmed. As a result he was badly injured, with one bullet sinking into his neck.


    But that didn't deter courageous Noah from his duty - as the gunman drove off the German Shepherd jumped through the car's window and attempted to chase after the attacker before lying down to die in an alleyway. This heoric moment was captured on CCTV from near the parking lot and shows Noah's final act of bravery.

    'He took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe,' one witness said. 

    The German Shepherd breed are known for their loyalty and guarding abilities, so it's unsurprsing that Noah's protective instinct kicked in the moment he knew his family were in danger - but he paid the ultimate price. He died as a result of blood loss from his neck wound.

    Although the victims have not officially been named, a post circulating on social media indicated that Noah belonged to Kidon Martin, who was in the car with his wife and children when the incident took place.

    According to Atlanta police the unhinged gunman is still on the loose - they are currently searching for the Taurus the perpetrator was driving at the time of the shooting.


    It's a tragic and senseless story but only reminds us of the truth in: "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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