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    Dog euthanized by mistake

    NewsWorld Dog NewsTuesday 12 July 2011

    Wheda, a family dog that was in good health and had all its vaccinations, was euthanized by mistake by the Animal Care Center of Indio, California (USA).

    The family of the white pit bull dog has been left grieving for their puppy while the police are investigating the case. The dog was picked up while animal control officers were investigating another incident and then euthanized by mistake. It began after one of the neighbours complained about being bitten on the 1st July by Mia, a 7month-old brown pit bull that lived in the same house as Wheda. According to the pets’ owners, both dogs were taken from the home because officers said a fence wasn't secure enough to hold the dogs.

    When the dogs’ owners fixed the fence and it was approved by animal care centre employees, the dogs were allowed to go back home. However, it turned out that Mia was still being quarantined due to the investigation that was still ongoing and Wheda could not be found. Employees told the dogs’ owners that probably it had run away or it had been stolen. After further discussion it turned out that Whed had been euthanized instead of Mia.

    The police is investigating the mistake.

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