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    Dog found buried alive

    NewsAnimal CrueltyMonday 07 November 2011

    Dog that was blindfolded by its owner and then buried alive was rescued by its neighbours in Italy. The dog survived 48 hours under rubble.

    The dog spent almost 48 hours underground and fortunately was heard by its neighbours that dug through a huge pile of rubble with their bare hands to free the 13-year-old dog. Brittany, the spaniel dog had been dumped in Desenzano, Italy, in a 2 feet deep hole and covered with soil and bricks so it couldn't dig its way out. The owner of the dog admitted he'd buried the pooch there the day before but was unable to say why. According to the Sun, the owner claimed that the pet was already dead. The man is now being charged with deliberate animal cruelty and has been banned from keeping animals. The dog received veterinary care after being rescued and its injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

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    Text source: The Sun UK; image source: dog breed info

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