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    Dog gets help for unconscious owner

    NewsWorld Dog NewsFriday 03 June 2011

    A dog saved its owner’s life in Texas (USA) by getting human help after she collapsed from a seizure and became unconscious.


    Bear, a 5-year-old German Shepherd, was adopted from a shelter. Although formally the dog has never been trained as a service dog, the pet helps its owner to remember to take her medicine and as the last time – even save her life. When Bear’s owner collapsed and hit her head on the front stairs of her house in Texas, the dog immediately ran to get help. Animal Control employees were happened to be nearby and saw Bear acting ‘weird’. When they noticed that one of dog’s tags was saying he was a service dog they knew there was somebody who needed help as normally, the service dogs never leave their owners.


    When the officers found Bear’s owner they called an ambulance. The woman was taken to the hospital accompanied by her dog.

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