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    Dog in Texas survives despite owner playing ‘vet at home’ with twine and duct tape

    NewsAnimal CrueltyTuesday 21 May 2013

    A dog in San Antonio, Texas (not pictured) has escaped with his life after he was saved from his owner who had sewn up an injury with twine and had also duct taped his mouth shut to keep him quiet. 

    According to the Daily Mail, the two-year-old daschund was saved after the Animal Rescue Services were anonymously tipped off about the animal’s plight. 
    The caller had noticed that the dog’s muzzle had been taped shut to stop it from whining and then alerted the authorities. 
    The owner of the sandy-coloured dog had also attempted to stitch up a gash on the dog’s body with thick twine and had also then covered it with gauze and silver duct tape. 
    Manuel Flores, an Animal Cruelty specialist, arrived on the scene where the dog lived and told that if he had been any later, the animal may have died. 
    He told the website: “The wound would have got infected and the manner the dog was taped, the dog could have died due to the heat because the dog wasn't able to open its mouth.”
    The owner admitted to attempting to solve the dog’s issues himself, however, the origin of the deep cut on the dog’s body was unknown. 
    He is now being looked after by real veterinarians at a shelter in the city and they have named him Frank. There is now a plan in place to put the dog up for adoption or to send him to a rescue group, once he has recovered. 
    Frank’s former owner now faces the possibility of being charged with animal cruelty. Texas state law condemns the act of causing pain or suffering to a pet and also prohibits the practice of veterinary medicine at home without a license.
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