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    Dog loses kidney after being shot with an air rifle while on morning walk

    NewsAnimal CrueltyMonday 17 June 2013
    The RSPCA is appealing for information after a Jack Russell was shot with an air rifle while out on her morning walk. 
    The nine-year-old Millie, was being walked by her owner, Paul Whiston of Harlow, Essex, when she was shot. 
    Paul told the RSPCA website: “One minute she was happily sniffing in a bush and the next she was screeching and covered in blood.”
    The damage from the shooting was so bad that Millie ended up losing a kidney and she is continuing to suffer from serious health problems. 
    “I had just turned away for a second when I heard a whooshing sound, which I knew to be an air rifle.” Continued Paul. 
    “I didn’t see anyone nearby, so someone must have been taking secret pot shots from somewhere, which is scary to think about.
    “Millie was so startled she bolted down the road, and it was lucky that I managed to catch her in time.
    “She is a really gentle girl – incredibly lovable and it has been horrible for me and my wife to see her in so much pain.”
    Millie was then taken to the vet for emergency treatment and the vet discovered the air gun pellet had penetrated one of her kidneys. The damaged kidney couldn’t be saved and had to be removed. 
    It is hoped that she will make a full recovery, however, it is still relatively early days as her abdomen is very bruised and she is also having to cope with only one kidney. 
    RSPCA Inspector Stephen Reeves said: “It was quite horrific what happened to this poor dog – losing her kidney so needlessly.
    “It was senseless and a deliberate act of cruelty upon a defenceless animal and we urge anyone with any information to come forward, and all pet owners in the area to be vigilant when walking their animals.
    “Poor Millie suffered and continues to suffer a great deal of pain as a result. It is simply beyond my understanding how anyone could have used her as target practise in this way.”
    Millie is brown and white and was shot at around 10 am on Saturday, 1 June. Anyone with any information is urged to call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.
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