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    Dog lover leaves just under £400,000 to local RSPCA centre

    NewsWednesday 16 October 2013
    A truly devoted dog lover has left almost £400,000 to his local RSPCA centre after having a wonderful time with his dog Chelsea, an Alsatian who he picked up as a rescue from the centre. The funds have gone to Friends of RSCPA Southridge in Potters Bar.
    Kevin Johnson recently passed away due to a massive heart attack and this was just two months after his Alsatian suffered a deadly stroke which killed her. In total the money was £364,568.69 and included all of Mr Johnson’s savings as well as his cottage. He wanted it as a big thankyou after he had adopted her from a local rescue centre.
    Mr Johnson who lives near Puckeridge which is near Stevenage in Hetfordshire had recently lost both his parents and he also had no children or siblings to leave his savings too.
    He had picked up Chelsea up when she was just 3 years old and had looked after her for 7 years. She was 10 when she passed away.
    Mr Johsons aunt, Myfanwy Gillham who is from Enfield said that 'Kevin was totally devastated at losing Chelsea - she was the apple of his eye and his biggest friend.
    'He just lost heart after she went.
    'His mother had died and Kevin said as he now had more time because he didn't have mum to look after he would get another German Shepherd.
    We went to Southridge together one day on the off chance of finding one and immediately spotted Chelsea.
    'They bonded straight away from their very first meeting as soon as he set eyes on her.
    'She had been very badly treated and Kevin gave her a whole new life.'
    'Chelsea was always with him, playing all day at the garden nursery. He never went anywhere without her.
    'And then one morning he came downstairs and found Chelsea collapsed. She couldn't even stand up.
    'It was a real bolt out of the blue - she was a real ball of energy and very fit.
    'The chap from the pub over the road came over and he and Kevin took her straight to the vet, but nothing could be done and she had to be put to sleep.
    'Kevin couldn't get over it and started letting his business go.
    'It was totally unexpected when Chelsea had the stroke because she was always such a lively dog.
    'Two months later he had a heart attack and was found dead on his bed. We're sure he died of a broken heart.'

    The chairman of the friends RSPCA charity said that 'Words cannot express enough our gratitude to Kevin for leaving us this staggering inheritance.
    'It will do so much good, notably safeguarding our fostering scheme for years to come.'
    Plans are already being made at Southridge for a new dog agility and play area.
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Wikipedia
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