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    Dog nearly hangs itself from car window

    NewsAnimal CrueltyFriday 16 September 2011

    Dog owner from Perth Amboy, USA, has been charged with animal cruelty after her dog was found hanging from a leash outside the car window while the woman was doing shopping. 

    A horrifying incident took place last week in Perth Amboy, NJ, USA. The dog owner left her pooch in the car when she went to do the weekly shopping. The woman left the window opened so the dog could have a fresh air – at least that’s what she thought. However, the dog was found hanging from a leash outside of the car window. Probably, the dog was trying to jump out of the car and its leash got caught inside the car. The dog got stuck hanging outside the car window and could hardly breathe. 

    Thanks for the people passing by the car the dog got untangled and set up free. The police was called immediately and the woman was later on charged with animal cruelty and the illegal tethering of her dog. The Connecticut anti-tethering legislation passed this year prohibits any leashes less than eight feet, tethering an animal for more than a reasonable amount of time, and tying a dog "on or near an object that poses a substantial risk of injury or strangulation." 

    The dog survived and is doing well. 

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    Text source: The Examiner; Image source:

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