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    Dog owners warned over central Scotland sheep deaths

    NewsUK Dog NewsMonday 16 April 2012
    UK Dogs & Puppies

    More than a 20 sheep have been killed or injured by dogs over the past six weeks in central Scotland, police have revealed.

    And in just one incident on Thursday, two ewes and three lambs were killed in Drymen, Stirling.

    Central Scotland Police said a total of 14 sheep had been killed and 10 injured since the end of February.

    Dog owners are being warned to keep their pets on a lead when walking near livestock.

    PC Paul Barr, the Loch Lomond National Park police officer, said people walking dogs should take "all steps" to keep their animals under control during lambing season.

    "The mere sight of a dog running loose in a field containing sheep can cause panic, injury and abortion in pregnant ewes," he said.

    "Members of the public are advised not to take a dog into a field where young livestock are present."

    'Eaten to death'
    A 35-year-old man from Fallin has been reported to the procurator fiscal after two dogs killed three sheep and injured seven others on 7 March in Bannockburn, Stirling.

    And a 53-year-old woman from Drymen was reported after a dog chased a number of sheep.

    PC Barr added: "Farmers are entitled to shoot a dog if there is no other way to prevent livestock from being injured. Although the term 'sheep worrying' is used, the reality is that the sheep are chased to exhaustion and then eaten to death by a dog or dogs.

    "This must be an excruciating death for the animal and causes a great deal of distress for farmers as well as a financial loss."

    Source: BBC News

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